7 pay Commission: Good news for employees, DA will increase by 46%

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 7th Pay Commission: Good news for employees, DA will increase by 46%...

7th Pay Commission: Go news for employees, DA will increase by 46% soon, rates of other allowances will be revised, salary will increase, so much money will come in the account

here is good news for the employees. Soon their dearness allowance will be increased by 4%. With this, their dearness allowance will increase by 46%. An increase in their salary will also be seen. Employees can get benefits up to Rs 27000 annually.

7th pay commission, DA Hike, DA Arrears:

 Employees will get a big gift before the festival. With which a big increase in their salary will be seen. On one hand, their dearness allowance will be increased by 4 percent. On the other hand, they can be provided with the facility of increase in other allowances. With the increase in dearness allowance, there will be an increase in their salary up to about Rs 27,000.

In fact, the dearness allowance of some central employees has been increased by the central government. Orders have been issued for this. Under the order issued by DPE, the dearness allowance of CPSE category employees has been made at a maximum rate of 16 percent. From the month of July, the employees will be given the benefit of increase in dearness allowance. Along with the August salary, the facility of increased salary will be made available.

DA increased by 4% for the first half

On the other hand, dearness allowance for the first half of this year has been announced for the central government employees. With the anno b2023. In such a situation, at present the facility of 42% dearness allowance is being made available to the government employees.

    AICPI figures released till May, DA will be 46%!

    The AICPI data for May has been released while the data for June will be released at the end of July. With the release of the figures on July 31, it will be confirmed that by what percentage will the dearness allowance of central employees increase? However, an increase of 0.50 points was seen in the figures for the month of May. With this, the AICPI figure had increased to 45.57. It is estimated that there may be an increase of 4 percent in the dearness allowance of the employees. With this, the dearness allowance of the employees will increase to 46%.

    Announcement will be made soon, salary will increase

    It is expected that the central government may announce an increase in the dearness allowance of the employees from the end of September to the first week of October. Along with this, the benefit of increased allowance will also be given to the employees during the festive season. Along with this, an increase in their TA and HRA can also be seen. On the basic pay of central employees being 18000, they will be given the benefit of ₹ 8280 dearness allowance at the rate of 46%. In such a situation, an increase in his salary can be seen. At present, no official announcement has been made regarding the increase in dearness allowance. At the same time, it is being speculated that soon a big increase in his salary will be seen.

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