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INS Vikramaditya 360° View Amazing Video

 360 DegreeINS Vikramaditya 360° View Amazing Video

INS Vikramaditya 360° View Amazing Video

INS Vikramaditya 360° View Amazing Video

  • Vikramaditya is a conversion of the Kiev-class aircraft carrier built in 1978–1982 at the Mykolav Black Sea Shipyard in Ukraine.  The ship underwent extensive repairs at the Sevmash Shipyard in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia.  

INS Vikramaditya

  • The ship will replace India's only serving aircraft carrier, INS Virat.  India had to spend $2.3 billion to redesign the ship.
  • The ship will be operated in STOBAR with a 14.3 degree ski-jump at the fore and three barring wires at the rear of the angled deck.  This will allow MiG-29K and Sea Harrier aircraft to operate. The maximum flight length for the MiG-29K on Vikramaditya is between 160-180 metres.
  • The added advantage of the 'Admiral Gorshkov' platform is its superstructure profile, the ability to adapt a phased effective radar system with powerful plane or "billboard style" antennas, combined with extensive command and control features for aerial missions.  

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  1. First sighted on the United States Navy's USS Long Beach.  It has been introduced as a ship equipped with a combination of air defense weapons such as SAM and/or CIWS.
  2. The design of the bottom is based on the older Gorshkov Admiral, introduced in 1982, but would be much larger with full loading displacement.  14.3º Conversion plans for the aircraft carrier to make way for the Bow ski-jump include the P-500 Bazlat cruise missile launcher and all munitions, including four front-mounted surface-to-air missiles Antey Kinzhal  includes removal.  
  3. Two restraint stands will also be installed so that the fighter can achieve its full force before the ski jump-assisted short take-off.  The ability to launch only one aircraft at a time attests to its interference.  
  4. Under the modernization plan, the 20-tonne elevator with the ship's island superstructure will remain unchanged, but the rear lift will be enlarged and its lifting capacity will be increased to 30 tonnes.  
  5. Three attractive gears will be installed at the rear of the angled deck.  Navigation and carrier landing aids will be employed to support the fixed wing for STOBAR (Short Take-Off But Arrested Recovery) operations including the LAK optical-landing system.

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